Animated-Avner4Avner International has a passion for helping people improve their change management. Every business or organisation in the world needs to make changes to what they do or how they do it; increasing numbers of people are realising that in the future their change management must be much smarter than it was in the past. Avner International helps you innovate and encourage excellence in how you manage change.

More mature organisations are discovering that project management on its own is not enough to manage uncertainty and align diverse viewpoints, you also need programme and portfolio management. Forward thinking individuals and organisations are also benchmarking their maturity in managing change as a first step on the journey to excellence in managing change.

We at Avner are fundamentally committed to innovating and encouraging excellence and best practice in the real world. We are committed to helping our customers enjoy a smarter, better management experience by squeezing the best out of global best practice principles.

Avner International – helping to get the best out of best practice management