There is a growing realisation across the developed world that portfolio, programme and project approaches can radically improve how organisations raise their game and enjoy greater success at achieving their strategic objectives. It is also recognised that some organisations are much better at doing this than others? Why is this, and how can we all improve?

The maturity of the approach taken by the organisation is the key. Immature organisations tend to suffer time and cost overruns, quality problems and disappointed stakeholders. In contrast, mature organisations tend to be much more successful in delivery of their portfolios programme and projects; they successfully avoid the avoidable problems, and enjoy much higher stakeholder satisfaction.

Classifications of maturity have been established in the UK and USA and being adopted widely by forward thinking organisations across the world. These classifications are undergoing ongoing development, however they both recognise 5 levels of maturity, rising from random approaches to a fully managed and optimised approach and processes to managing change via portfolios programmes and projects.

The maturity of an organisation’s approach to portfolios programmes and projects can be measured, and targeted interventions made to improve performance.

Why Avner International

Avner International staff have vast experience in applying best practice in project and programme management in the real world; many staff have over 30 years’ experience of helping themselves and their employers to develop greater maturity in their portfolio programme and project management. Avner International staff are key leaders in the international bodies that are developing the organisational maturity models, and are instrumental in thought leadership as well as defining standards and approaches that can be implemented in real world situations.