Portfolio management addresses change across the entire business, and provides a rational framework for balancing business as usual and organisational change. It provides the strategic oversight of all change going on across the business, giving far greater control and assurance that the costs and risks are appropriate and the business as usual remains viable and top level strategic objectives are achieved.

A well managed organisation needs portfolio management as well as programme and project management; these skills and approaches are being learned and put into practice by organisations that aspire to being more mature, more stable, more successful.

Governments and professional bodies worldwide have endorsed this revolution in change management, and are actively encouraging managers to learn more about organisational maturity and how to manage change more effectively. The UK government and Project Management Institute based in the USA have been instrumental in developing a library of best practice approaches to managing change.

There is an international standard for portfolio management, and Avner International staff are recognised world leaders in this area, driving further developments in defining portfolio management methods and key members of the steering groups

Why Avner International?

Avner International staff have vast experience in applying best practice in project and programme management in the real world; many staff have over 30 years experience. We are a flexible and customer focussed organisation and tailor our approach to meet the needs of individual customers. However, customers typically ask for these types of portfolio service:

  • Maturity assessment and benchmarking
  • Advice and guidance to steering bodies
  • Consultancy and facilitation
  • Competence development, training, coaching, mentoring
  • Interim management and professional services
  • Portfolio resourcing