It is widely recognised that the best way to make changes to products, services and ways of working is through active management of them – this is often referred to as a ‘project management’ approach. This is fine if what you’re changing is well defined and everybody agrees, however many situations are not that straightforward.

Question: But what do you do if things are not well defined, and people can’t form a consensus?

Answer: Consider programme management and/or portfolio management.

The programme management approach is useful where there is a vision for what the future should be like however no clear plan or agreement on how to make it happen; often there will be winners and losers. It brings structure and helps develop a shared common purpose. It is often used to integrate a set of linked projects and other business workstreams around a common set of operational benefits.

Programme management is usually focussed on achieving a single beneficial outcome or strategic objective, such as developing a family of products, and merging disparate work units together and changing the way they work.

There are various international standards in project and programme management, and Avner International is expert in most. Avner International staff sit on the steering bodies that are driving worldwide developments.

  • PRINCE2 Managing Successful Projects
  • PMBoK Project Management Institute Body of Knowledge
  • MSP Managing Successful Programmes
  • PgM Project Management Institute Programme Management

Why Avner International?

Avner International staff have vast experience in applying best practice in project and programme management in the real world; many staff have over 30 years experience. We are a flexible and customer focussed organisation and tailor our approach to meet the needs of individual customers. However, customers typically ask for these types of programme and project service:

  • Maturity assessment and benchmarking
  • Advice and guidance
  • Consultancy and facilitation
  • Competence development, training, coaching, mentoring
  • Interim management and professional services
  • Project and programme resourcing

What is portfolio management?

Question: But what do you do if a much wider set of changes need to be coordinated so that multiple strategic objectives are achieved?

Answer: Consider portfolio management to oversee your programmes, operational workstreams and projects.